Caring for an aging loved one is an honor, yet there may come when a change is necessary. As your parent ages, it is normal for them to experience struggles with their daily routine that eventually become too much for you to manage on your own. For example, they may develop incontinence problems or have a hard time taking care of their personal hygiene.
Fortunately, assisted living is an option for aging adults who need extra support. While you know that having a professional caregiver nearby is the best choice for your loved one, they may need some convincing. Use these tips to initiate a conversation with your loved one about making the move.

Choose an Appropriate Time to Talk

Over the years, you have come to know your parent well. Use this knowledge to avoid bringing up the topic when your parent may not be receptive to new ideas. For instance, your loved one may reject anything you say if they are hungry or tired, so pick a time when they are well-rested and open to a constructive conversation.
It is also important to avoid springing the news on your parent since this could make it seem like you are nervous about bringing up the topic. Instead, let your loved one know that you have something important to discuss so that they can come prepared and with an open mind to your discussion.

Come Prepared With Options

It helps to do a little research before you initiate a conversation about assisted living. Today, senior living communities have come a long way from the nursing home concept that your parent may have been exposed to in the past. Have an assisted living center in mind before you arrive for your meeting.
Arriving with a specific residence in mind allows your parent to be able to realistically picture themselves living in an assisted living facility. This also makes it easier to answer your parent's questions about assisted living by checking to see what the facility provides.

Highlight the Benefits

It is common for older adults to focus on the stresses involved with moving at first. This is why it is helpful to emphasize the benefits that come with moving to an assisted living facility. Make a list of the positive changes that your parent can look forward to in their life, and bring it to your meeting.
A few of the benefits of assisted living that you may include on your list include the following.
• Meal preparation services, including snacks
• Assistance with room cleaning and laundry
• Medication management
• Personal hygiene care
• Beauty and barber services
• Social opportunities

Take a Tour Together

It often helps for older adults to see the assisted living residence in person since this allows them to picture what life could be like with help throughout the day. Arrange for a tour during a time of day when your loved one will be at their best. Then, invite them to come along to check it out.
On your tour, point out the different options that your parent will have, such as choosing a private or semi-private room. It also helps to highlight a few of the extra amenities the facility may provide for your loved one, such as being able to bring along their favorite pet for companionship.

Suggest a Short-Term Stay

Moving to a new home does take some adjusting, and trying a short-term stay sometimes makes the transition easier. For instance, many older adults move to assisted living temporarily while they recover from an injury or illness, and it is common for them to make a permanent switch after their initial experience with it.
Any change in your loved one's care plan is a major decision that requires the family to reach a full agreement. Soquel Leisure Villa, Inc. offers a variety of options for assisted living. Reach out today to find one that fits your loved one's needs.