After careful deliberation, you have finally made the choice that moving to an assisted living residence is right for you and your family. While you are excited about your upcoming move, you can't help but feel overwhelmed when you look at all that must be done to prepare for moving.

Many seniors find that downsizing is a necessity when they move to a new residence, yet simplifying your lifestyle also opens up time to enjoy life in ways that you cannot when you are stuck dealing with all of those housekeeping tasks.

As you begin to sort through your belongings, it is natural to experience a few emotional moments. Fortunately, you can turn this into a happy time in your life by using these tips to emotionally prepare for this major life transition.

Enjoy Passing Down Heirlooms Now

Often, family heirlooms are passed down to younger generations when it is too late for a person to enjoy seeing the excitement on the recipient's face. However, you have an opportunity to be involved in the handing down of cherished objects to members of your family by choosing to do so today.

Begin by sorting through your belongings to determine who shall be the recipient of important items such as an antique that has been in your family for many generations. Then, invite them over and present it as a gift. Making this a joyful occasion makes it easier to part with family heirlooms.

Delegate Difficult Tasks

Although being involved with your move is important for helping you to adjust, there may be parts that you find overwhelming. When you hit a roadblock, such as not knowing how to handle that overstuffed garage, arrange for other people to take over the work.

You can do this by having family help while you stay nearby to answer questions if the task is sensitive such as cleaning out your late spouse's closet. Alternatively, you could have a professional team of movers do a clean out of that storage shed full of lawn equipment you no longer need.

Develop a Plan For Organization

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when there seems to be a million things on your to-do list. Help get those thoughts out of your head by putting them on paper. Start by making a checklist of things that must be done before your move, and create a timeline that helps you prioritize what must be done first.

You can also ease the stress by creating a go-to resource that your family and friends can use when they are helping with the downsizing efforts. For instance, you can create a file folder that holds your to-do list along with information on what you have planned for your belongings such as whether your couch should be donated or sold.

Plan a Decorating Scheme For Your New Room

Looking toward the future is the best way to avoid ruminating on the past. When you find yourself feeling down about letting go of your current home, spend some time planning how you will make your new home cozy.

For instance, you can frame a few pictures to place in your new room at your assisted living residence. Alternatively, you could pick out a few brightly colored blankets and pillows to add a touch of comfort. Either way, planning a decorating scheme helps you get excited about your new lifestyle.

Moving to assisted living often represents a positive change in a senior's life, yet it is important to be respectful during the process of downsizing. At Soquel Leisure Villa Inc., we encourage you to visit our staff and check out our rooms so that you feel more confident preparing for your move.