Winter can be a difficult season for many people; the cold temperatures and lack of sunlight can affect mood and energy levels. For seniors, winter can be even more isolating because they may already be limited from participating in activities. If you are concerned about how winter can impact your loved one, please consider these 4 tips to combat isolation.

Encourage Socialization

Make sure your senior has the opportunity to visit with friends, family, or neighbors on a regular basis. If you are unable to visit yourself, you can ask others to make a welfare check or a short visit on your behalf.

Ensure Mobility

Safety is even more important with cold weather and icy conditions. Be sure your elderly loved one has any assistive devices they need to stay mobile, such as a cane, walker or wheelchair. 

Promote Nutrition

When seniors are less active, they may also lose their appetite. You may need to provide nutrition-dense foods to keep seniors well-nourished. If they live independently, they may enjoy the consistency of a meal service delivery program.

Monitor Mood

Watch for any changes in mood and behavior during the winter. A senior may be at an increased risk for depression and anxiety during the winter, especially if they are feeling lonely.
If your loved one is experiencing isolation, you may also want to consider a short-term stay at an independent or assisted living facility. If you would like to know more about senior isolation in winter, call Soquel Leisure Villa at 831-462-4101.